Who are we

My name is Oliver Mitchell and I run Yorkshire Wedding Videography. I have been a wedding videographer travelling all over the UK for the last 4 years and we have shot over 100 weddings in our short time. I married my wife in August 2019 so I know how it feels on both sides of the camera.

We have a good team here at YWV and we always work our hardest to shoot every wedding as if it were our own. Our job doesn’t ever feel like work. We are privileged to have the best seat on the day and hope to provide you with a film you can be proud of and watch for years to come.

We pride ourselves on being professional in getting the job done and being friendly on your day in the hope that it feels like we’re just one of your guests!

What we do

We always adopt a natural and honest style to our videography and we don't get in your way as it's your day, not ours! There's two things I hear all the time from those getting married: "My friend didn't have a videographer and regrets it" and "I just can't afford a videographer on top of everything else"

We were lucky to be shortlisted as a finalist for best additional service at the I Do Wedding Awards in 2019 which we hope is a testament to our great service and relaxed approach. We work well with photographers to get the essential shots done fast at the same time as they do, to avoid wasting valuable time on your wedding day.

We are delighted to be considered a recommended supplier by a few of venues including Waterton Park Hotel and Dimple Well Lodge Hotel. Check out what others say about us and we hope you can put your trust in us to capture your wedding day just the way you want it.